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Virtual Reality for Migrants Social and Cultural Orientation and Inclusion

The VRIN project envisions to promote the effective integration of TCNs in local communities by providing intervention tools for training, as a means of making the process of acquaintance with the local context more interactive, interesting and attractive. The target groups will undertake a participative learning path for the development of their skills, competences and acquire new ones, with the final aim of a mutual cooperation for integration in society and the labour market.

The project challenge is to promote a two-way-integration process by developing a common online platform and an interactive guidebook that will apply to both target groups; TCNs and actor of TCNs. Therefore, this sector must increasingly be approached with a view of identifying both TCNs’ and TCNs actors’ needs and enhancing the development of digital skills towards TCNs’ adaptation as well as reinforcing a more dynamic and contributive integration of TCNs in the local societies, by overcoming obstacles towards a smoother access to substantial services.


Target groups


Actors of TCN's integration

Key professionals working in areas relevant to TCN

Stakeholders in the field of TCNs' integration


Actors of TCNs' integration

Key professionals working in areas relevant to TCN

Stakeholders in the field of TCNs' integration



Interactive Training Curriculum for providing the local communities, authorities, operators, stakeholders and training centers, among others, with a tool, aligned with the latest trends of digital evolution (VR and Gamified Environment). It will develop innovative approaches to facilitate access to basic services that can be adapted to, local contexts; improved access to comprehensive health care services, social security benefits for TCNs’, as well as to services facilitating labour market integration, financial services, housing and helping to provide them with affordable accommodation based on their needs.


Online Platform to be used as a valuable tool for TCNs’ learning and integration.


Interactive Guidebook including the views and general contribution of integration assistants and stakeholders in order to bring local and international stakeholders closer as a means of multiplying the project’s impact and also spreading its benefits.